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Pleas of Guilty

If you plead guilty to a charge, the court will require a plea in mitigation to be conducted.

A plea in mitigation involves the prosecution reading out an agreed summary of facts to the magistrate or judge (depending on what court the matter is heard in). Your lawyer then presents the court with all your relevant personal information and explains the circumstances of your offending, with the ultimate view of achieving the lowest possible sentence for you.

Markotich Lawyers will act on your behalf to achieve the best possible result for you. We have experience and expertise, and we understand how to give your offending context and explain the circumstances behind it. It is also an opportunity to present character references and have people who know you well present evidence on your behalf. We aim to present your case in the most positive light in order to achieve the most favourable outcome.

Markotich Lawyers has many years of experience with plea hearings and our dedicated team always works hard to obtain the best result possible. We can help you with all aspects of the plea process, including referring you to appropriate psychological or rehabilitative treatment, providing character guidelines for the assistance of friends and family, recommending relevant seminars or courses to complete (this is particularly helpful for motor vehicle/road traffic offences), consolidation of charges for clients with more than one brief and deferral of sentencing.