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Contested Hearings

Contested Hearings – Magistrates’ Court

A contested hearing takes place where an accused person is pleading not guilty to the charge(s).

The court will hear evidence from witnesses for the prosecution and witnesses for the defence. The witnesses will be examined and cross-examined by each side as to the things they have seen or heard, relevant to the charge(s) before the court. In the case of expert witnesses, they will give evidence based on their knowledge & expertise in a particular field.

Once all the evidence has been presented, the magistrate will then determine whether the prosecution has proven the charge(s) beyond reasonable doubt. The magistrate will then explain the decision and, if the accused is found guilty, will proceed to sentencing.

Before a contested hearing, it is important to seek legal representation. The accused person will need a lawyer to help them navigate the system and ensure a fair outcome. Markotich Lawyers has the experience and expertise to represent their best interests.

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